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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Create a Mobile Version of your Blog Very Easily

Blogger is one of the best platform to start a blog. It has great features and it is also very easy to use even you are a beginner. Today I'm posting that how you can create a mobile version of your blog. It's very easy and simple. It also helps you to increase your blog traffic as many visitors easily visit your website on their mobile. You just have to follow my steps. If you want to see a demo of mobile version click the link below.

How to create a Mobile Version Of Your Blog

Step 1.
Log in to your Blogger Dashborad.

Step 2.
Go to Template.

Step 3.
Click the tool button as shown in the picture below

Step 4.
Then check Yes Show mobile Template on Mobile Devices.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

ProGrey Free Premium Blogger Template

ProGrey is an amazing premium template. ProGrey is designed by Blogger Hack. It is seo optimized optimized template. it has two columns, 4 bottom widgets , right sidebar and auto readmore buttons are also included in this template. It also includes an amazing social buttons, sharing buttons and page navigations. The design of the template is simple that attract the visitor.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to manage Blogging and Studies Together

This post will help you to manage blogging and studies together. The majority of the new bloggers are students and they always have the same problem that how they can manage time for both studies and blogging, as studies is the most important than blogging but the importance of blogging cannot be denied.

The Most Important Thing 

The most important thing is that Blogger should make a Time Table, engage their his/her friends, keep yourself healthy, he/she don't compare his/her self to Adult Blogger.

How to Make a Time Table

A Blogger should make a time table. I'm also a student and I'm also following a timetable. I almost write up to 3 posts a week. I know its very hard to manage time for blogging but it is not impossible. If you can't write 3 post write at least 2 posts per week.

Don't Compare yourself to an Adult Blogger

This is the most important thing to remember that don't compare yourself to an Adult Blogger. You are a student and a part time blogger don't think that you are a business man thinks you are doing a part time job to earn some Extra Money.

Keep Yourself  Healthy

It is the most important thing to keep yourself healthier as health is wealth. Drink Plenty of water, take meal on time and take at least 7 hours sleep.

Engage your Friends

Engage your friends to write articles for your blog because it is very difficult to manage blogging alone. Make a group of friends and told that to write articles when they are free and distribute the profit that you earn from your blog.

Think That Studies are More Important than Blogging

It is true that studies are more important than blogging. You should pay more attention toward studies than blogging because you are a part time blogger not a professional.

Don't Always Think About Blogging

A Blogger should not always think about blogging because by thinking it you will get more involved in it, so think about your studies because studies are more important than blogging.

Physical Activity

As you know that Physical Activity is very important for the health. Play game like Foot Ball, Cricket Hockey, tennis etc. Because physical activity keeps your mind fresh and it is also very important for the growth of the children.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sensational Blogger Template

Sensational is another best blogger template Designed by My Theme Shop . It has a three column layout with an amazing design. It inncludes amazing widgets including Responsive Flex Slider. It is the best template for those who wants Responsive Templates. You can see the live demo below and download the template.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amazing Simple Recent Post Widget/Gadget Blogger

Hi Today I'm sharing an amazing Recent Posts Widget. Recent Post Widget is the best widget to show the recent post on your blog. This widget also grabs the attention of the visitor and this will also help you to increase your blog traffic. The most important feature of this  gadget is that it will show not only post titles but it also also shows the post excerpts and snippets This Widget is very easy to use and you can easily customize it.

Step 1.
Log in to Your Blogger Account.

Step 2.
Enter Title and click "Add To Blogger" Below.

Step 3.
Drag the Widget/Gadget to your sidebar in Layout.
Step 4.
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Social Bookmarking Widget With Tooltips For Blogger Blog

Hi friends today I'm sharing an amazing widget known as Social bookmarking widget. Social bookmarking widget is another most important widget for your blog that is the reason you see these types of social media widgets almost on every blog or website. This widget promote your blog and helps to increase traffic on your blog. This widget has very beautiful and amazing animated tooltips, when a visitor hovers on any social icons it comes out. To add this widget to you blog follow my steps.

How to Add This Widget/Gadget to Blogger

Step 1.
Log in to your Blogger Dasboard.

Step 2.
Click  Add to Blogger Button Below.

Step 3.
You will be redirected to add a blogger widget page.

Step 4.
Select your Blog and click Add Widget Button.

Step 5.
Drag The Widget At the Bottom.

Step 6.
Click Save.

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