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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Social Bookmarking Widget With Tooltips For Blogger Blog

Hi friends today I'm sharing an amazing widget known as Social bookmarking widget. Social bookmarking widget is another most important widget for your blog that is the reason you see these types of social media widgets almost on every blog or website. This widget promote your blog and helps to increase traffic on your blog. This widget has very beautiful and amazing animated tooltips, when a visitor hovers on any social icons it comes out. To add this widget to you blog follow my steps.

How to Add This Widget/Gadget to Blogger

Step 1.
Log in to your Blogger Dasboard.

Step 2.
Click  Add to Blogger Button Below.

Step 3.
You will be redirected to add a blogger widget page.

Step 4.
Select your Blog and click Add Widget Button.

Step 5.
Drag The Widget At the Bottom.

Step 6.
Click Save.


  1. It is the best widget i found on the internet

  2. Nice post! I really appreciate work and i think social media widgets are the best source to promote a post.
    keep it up!

    1. Thanks alot!
      Yes its one of the best way to get huge traffic on your post.



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