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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to earn money on Youtube by monetizing your videos

Hi friends today I'm telling you how to earn money from YouTube. If you want some extra money you can monetize your YouTube videos into real money. Earning a large quantity of cash on YouTube takes time, dedication, hard work, and often luck matters.

How to Monetize your YouTube Account. 

In order to make make money from YouTube, you have to monetize your account. After you will become the YouTube Partner that means you allow google to run ads on your videos. You can monetize your account simply by following these steps below.

Step 1.
To enable moneization, log in to your YouTube account, go to account features.

Step 2.
In the middle of the page find Monetization section under features, click enable button to agree google terms of service.

Step 3.
After you agree the terms of service you will see a dialog box like this

Step 4.
Select the ads display settings of your choice and click monitize button.

Note: Your videos will be reviewed and ads will be displayed after short time.

How to Get Paid.

Now your account is setuped and you will be able earn money from your videos, your earning will be funneled to your adsense and you will be get  when you reach the minimum payout. The Minimum Payout of Google Adsense is $100.

The important thing to do

The most important thing to do is to read these five steps. Read these steps very carefully in order to receive your payments. 

Thank you for reading this article

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