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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Websites that pays you to Blog Paid Blogging

Hi friends today I'm sharing an article that how you can make money through blogging without using any advertising program like Google Adsense, Chitika etc. or any affiliate program like click bank, Commission Junction etc.

What is Paid Post?

First of all I'll teach you that what is a Paid Post? A Paid post is the most easiest way to earn some extra revenue from your blog, after reaching an agreement with the advertisers, you will write about them and they will pay you. If a 3rd party involve, they take off their profit. Most companies provides marketplace for advertisers to find publishers.

The Websites that pays you to Blog

Following are the links of the websites that pays you to blog:
1. Link Worth
Link Worth is the Highest Paying Website. They pay upto 70% for Each post. payments can be made through Paypal, Cheque etc.
2. PayPerPost
PayPerPost has also the highest paying rates. By using PayPerPost you can easily make up to $500 a month.
3. Shvoong.
Shvoong also works same, but It is the best website for affiliate marketers.
Thank you for reading this article

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